Book of Life

If you want to treat yourself, go see Book of Life. Didn’t think it would be good from the previews (Looked too cheesy for me to enjoy) but it was amazing. I could could on about it right now, that good. Excellent character development and plot, kept your attention the entire time, fluid animation with unique character design based on historical figures and art/tradition, cheesy bits were tasteful and quick (didnt rely on it), feminism, cultural understanding… goodness what a movie





In case you didn’t know, October is learning disability awareness month! Also, you probably didn’t know I have one, since the general reaction I tend to get is “you don’t /look/ like you have a learning disability”.

That’s partially why I made this, because people seem to think you’re branded with it on your forhead when in real life it’s not like that at all—In fact, that mentality is probably what hurt my academic career for so long, because people with Dyscalculia often excel in other areas! I remember a lot if teachers/classmates/my own parents telling me to ‘just try harder’, because to them it seemed like I wasn’t applying myself. Dyscalculia is also not a ‘popular’ learning disability that’s talked about, it’s a pretty common occurance for me to have to give an explanation to others who think I’m ‘lazy’, so I figured this is a little educational as well as personal.

Those with Dyscalculia have trouble with*:

•Counting, estimating, and measuring. •Learning math facts (like addition, subtraction, multiplication, ect). •Problem-solving skills. •Concepts of time and navigation (scheduling, telling the diffrence between directions). *Among other things, but those are the most common.

●Here are some Dyscalculia resources:
•Learning Disability Association of America- []
•National Center for Learning Disabilities- []

●Think you have Dyscalculia? Test yourself (Don’t self-diagnose, bring your results to your parent/school counselor/therapist and discuss further testing)

I did not know that Dyscalculia was a diagnosis that existed until a few years ago. Once I knew, it felt like I was aiming a flashlight back at my school career, finally able to see some things clearly. Ask me to read a novel and write a term paper overnight? Sure, no problem. Ask me to do a times table? Blind, near-sobbing panic. 

Even now, if I have to do basic multiplication, if it’s not something that had a song from Schoolhouse Rock, I … I’m not sure I can do it.




"Wreck-it Ralph" (2012)

Pre-CG animation test of Gene the Nicelander.

Did he just cuss? O.o

Made up my mind and will be

doing an unfollow spree simply because I hate tumblr as much as I love it. Sometimes it’s nice, but lately its been feeding my depression, anxiety, and anger. If we are mutuals and I unfollow you, no hard feelings nor is it personal. Just trying to make my dash more positive and unrelated to worldly events. I come on here to get away, not be more reminded of hate and I do get why its important to spread the word I just can’t handle it right now. 

Also followers, if you wish to unfollow me for any reason, please feel free to do whatever you need. Take care of yourself the same way, yes? 

Thanks for understanding ^^




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